About Me

Hi I’m Val Pal.  I am not that story of a person who worked a 9-5 job they hated, who ends up quitting and buying a one way ticket to travel the world, (although that is highly respectable and admirable).

Instead, I come from a job I love, a Pediatric Occupational Therapy practitioner, working with special needs kids and helping them become as independent and successful in school as possible. I also can’t deny that I’ve caught myself continuously studying maps and researching far away places I’ve been dreaming to discover.  Since I currently work in the school setting, I get a bit more vacation time than the average person, and I use that to my full advantage.

I am also a dancer, with my main style being bgirling (female “breakdancing”). I have been bgirling for 11 years and am still actively competing and training with my crew, Underground Flow.  My love for dance led me to dance professionally; blessing me with the opportunity to work on projects such as a music video with J-Lo, commercials with Nike, Sketchers, as well as print ads for LA Times and Paul Mitchell, to name a few.

Aside from that, I am passionate about plant based food. I am what I call a conscious eater, strongly believing that what I put into my body will affect my mind, body, and soul.

I decided that in addition to my full time job, my love of travel, my passion of breaking (breakdancing) and appreciation of vegan food, I would create an outlet, LOVING AND ALIVE, to share my experiences with you all. I chose to dream bigger and put my energy into growing a website that can provide information about my travels, as well as share creative travel videos and places to eat that serve animal friendly food.

Who says you can’t travel and eat delicious food that’s actually good for you and the earth?!

These topics are some of the things that make me feel undeniably, completely ALIVE, and I hope they will inspire you too.

Wherever this may lead, however this may grow, this is a beautiful start.