Glamping, Zion and Hikes

October 2017

I hope you enjoyed the Glamping, Zion and Hikes video I made!  I went for my friend Jasmin’s bachelorette celebration and it was the best bachelorette party ever!


This was my first time glamping and it was a memorable experience. We flew into Las Vegas, rented a van and drove to Zion.  The car ride to Zion from Las Vegas was a lot shorter than I expected. The drive was less than 3 hours! We stayed at Under Canvas in Virgin Utah, which is about a 30 min drive from Zion National Park. For more information on Under Canvas click here.


Overall the Glamping site was pretty cool since I had nothing else to compare it to other than camping. The weekend before I was camping in the Sequoias with no running water or flushable toilet, so this was a treat. Each suite had an adjacent tipi, which we did not stay in lol. I would have but there was no fireplace in it and it was pretty cold.  There were bathrooms, a sink and small fireplace in each of our tents.  The beds were comfy but I chose to sleep on a cot (keeping it real lol) and it was actually pretty comfortable. There was running hot water, which was awesome for showering after being out in the cold. They also provided battery packs so you can charge your phones and other electronics.


Embers reception area was nice. They provided free coffee, tea, cider and water. You can also order food from the kitchen. There was an indoor lounge area with some hammocks and both indoor/outdoor dining areas.  Surprisingly, I was able to get a wifi signal. There are community bonfire pits throughout the site and they provide smores (non vegan though).


One of my favorite spots at Under Canvas was the outdoor yoga area. They offer yoga classe for $20 an hour. We did the sunrise yoga in 40 degree weather and it was so cold! But they did provide blankets and yoga mats.  The view of the rock formations was stunning and you could still see the moon.  In all honesty, our yoga instructor wasn’t the greatest.  I felt like her flow wasn’t appropriate for how cold we were but I still appreciated the morning stretch and the view made up for it.


I loved Angels Landing hike!! It was challenging, adrenaline rushing and one of the best hikes i’ve experience to date!  It was a full body workout for sure. The 5 mile roundtrip hike is mainly going uphill the entire time.  You really feel the burn lol.  The other part of the hike you are literally climbing up on rocks and hanging onto this chain while cliff drops surround you. The views are absolutely breathtaking.  The color of the rocks are so darn pretty, I could not get enough of it.

There are a lot of rock squirrels that greet you during your hike. They are super cute and will literally beg for food. So make sure your snacks are packed away. I would go back to Zion just to do this hike again.


If you go on a weekend go early! The park gets super packed and took us a long time to actually start our hike due to the bus transportation. We rented water shoes for about $20 that came with a hiking stick.  Depending on what time you go on this hike, the water can get up to your chest.  For us, the water came up to our thighs. I would highly suggest a hiking stick as there are a lot of rocks, which make it easy to stumble into the water. We were on a schedule so we did not complete the entire hike.  You can hike how every long you, like then turn around and head back. You have to hike out further to actually see how narrow it can get.

Overall Zion is so beautiful, I’ve wondered why it took me so long to go.  There are a bunch of other hikes that I would love to check out in the future.


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