Hidden Pink Stream & Secluded Beach

Yucatan, Mexico

March 2017

 After finding and experiencing the Pink Lagoon, I really didn’t think the day could get any better, but it did!

On our way back toward Tulum, about five to ten minutes, we spotted an opening to our right side. Keep an eye out for it, or it can easily be missed. The turquoise water peeked through the hills of sand and brush from the roadside.

We saw a couple taking pictures from the roadside and got curious. So we reversed back to see what was so awesome.

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WOW! From a distance, we saw that a hidden pink stream, from the pink lagoon, was draining into the turquoise ocean, the Gulf of Mexico.

Hidden pink stream

What a rare sight! I had never seen anything like it! The hidden pink stream and the ocean were perpendicular to each other. The contrast in color is as if pink lemonade meets Adios MuthaF@% (the alcoholic drink)!


In addition to the hidden pink stream, there was a secluded beach that went for miles along the coastline.

Is this real life? I felt like I jumped into a beach calendar highlighting amazing private places in the world. It was literally a hidden paradise available only to those who are willing to go on a road trip adventure. It was as if the universe was rewarding us for venturing out of our comfort zone.

checking to see if it was REAL

Be sure to check out my creative travel video, showcasing this exact spot!

What a beautiful and unforgettable surprise! We took advantage of the warm weather and thoroughly enjoyed the beach. The tide was low and the water shallow enough to walk in.

secluded beach + donut floaty = great idea!

Due to the calm sea, it was a perfect place to finally use my inflatable donut floaty.  Click the link to find some great deals on inflatable pool floats. It was a hassle blowing it up and deflating it in the car, but totally worth the pictures lol. The float also made this experience more fun and relaxing, floating on the calm ocean.

We recharged in the Yucatan sunshine and grounded with the earth. We spent a couple of hours taking turns floating around in the donut and taking in the abundant blessings of the day.

I was grateful to have been able to experience this day with my love. I am thoroughly convinced that Mexico is my new favorite place.


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