Suspension Bridges, Treetops & Cliffwalks

May 2017

The last time I was in Vancouver I was unable to check out Capilano Suspension Bridge Park due to the pouring rain, but this time around the weather was much better! Aside from the park we also got to explore Granville Island, where we made a fun creative movement video.

(*SIDE NOTE: The main reason we were in Vancouver was for a breaking (breakdancing) competition called Shine.   The event consisted of a  b-girl battle, all styles and breaking battle. You can see more of this event on the video above, which is featured after the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park part. Video created by my crewmate Logistx)

Capilano Suspension Bridge

A regular adult ticket at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is $42.95 and they offer paid parking, which is good for up to four hours.  Four hours is enough time to explore the park while taking your time. CLICK HERE for more information.

The Capilano group is founded on the values of Safety, Show and Stewardship.   Other than the suspension bridge, this park offers a nature Cliff Walk, Treetop Adventure, rainforest eco tour, nature trails, trout pond and more.


Did you know that the bridges and cliff walks were all built with accordance to nature? That is something I highly respect, where construction respects nature. You don’t see that too often. The extensive architecture used was built in such a way, that it allowed the forest to still continue to grow and thrive.

For example, the weight of the suspension bridges against the trees is actually good for them, just like how using weights in a work out makes you stronger.

UGF enjoying the bridge

When we arrived around 3pm the park was pretty full. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is 460ft long and draws in about 800,00 visitors yearly! We went back to the main suspension bridge about 3 times to enjoy the view from the center. The first time the bridge was crowded and it swayed back and forth which was pretty fun to me lol. Others held on to the railing for dear life and scurried across the bridge as fast as they could (*ahem Herren LOL).

Logistix and I on the suspension bridge

Beware! There is a worker posted up in a little cubicle that overlooks the suspension bridge and monitors EVERYTHING you do on the bridge (safety reasons).

Over the intercom they will say things like “ No selfie sticks permitted! I repeat no selfie sticks!”

We were tempted to freestyle right in the middle of the bridge but pretty sure we would have gotten kicked out HAHA.


The view from the middle of the main suspension bridge was breathtaking! The bridge stood about 300 feet above the Capilano River. You could hear the water flowing and the birds chirping, creating a zen ambiance.

View from the center of the bridge

Logistx, Villn and I stood in the middle of the bridge and admired the nature that surrounded us. We were even lucky enough to spot a bald eagle soaring overhead and noticed its white feathered tail! That is a rare sighting!

amazing view


As we followed the path that led to the tree top adventure, we began to get higher and higher, finally making it to the treetop suspension bridges. The treetop adventure had suspension bridges held between the trunks of old-growth Douglas Fir trees, giving us a beautiful view up high in the trees.  The bridges are about 98 ft. above the forest floor.


I felt like we were in the Swiss Family Treehouse from Disneyland but way better!

air we breathe

Reading the quotes and facts about nature that were posted up along the pathways, created an atmosphere that really made me appreciate where I was.

Taking a deep breathe of rejuvenating air, made me feel more alive.  I could definitely feel how fresh the air was up in the treetops. And to imagine…this is the type of air we should be breathing everyday!

behind the scenes

A little behind the scenes action

The suspension bridges between the trees, were much shorter in length compared to the main suspension bridge, therefore it didn’t sway as much.


The cliff walk was pretty amazing as well! The cliff walk bridge extended right out of the side of a cliff following its curve.

cliff walk

It was pretty cool to see the architecture of the cliff walk bridge from above. If you are curious about how they built all of these amazing unique structures, check out this video! You will see the determination and vision of the engineers who built the bridges and cliff walks. Enjoy!  I found it fascinating.

cliff walk from above


As we walked through the park I couldn’t help but appreciate the different types of trees growing everywhere. There were different shades of green and different textures. I noticed a tree that was brighter green than the others. It also had leaves that sat above its branches and created some sort of canopy. I continued to admire this type of tree throughout the forest. Take a look.

fav tree

We also found beautiful ponds that had logs laying right in it, which made for a great picture.  Moss grew freely, on top of logs, on trunks of trees and even on the cool moist soil.  It was fun to pet too, so soft. LOL

beautiful pond

I spotted these tiny purple flowers near a fallen tree trunk, which made me feel like fairies could live here.  It also reminded me of how magical nature is. and how we should take more time to look around us and truly appreciate it more. With deforestation and more buildings being built everyday, it’s nice to see organizations that help preserve nature.

fairy flower

If you are in the Vancouver area, I highly recommend experiencing Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  You get to explore the beauty of nature while experiencing the suspension bridges, treetop adventures and cliff walks.

Leaving here will make you feel connected with nature, refreshed and ready for the week. The wonders nature can do to you!


“Time spent among trees, is never a waste of time”


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  1. Mochi

    That tree with the bright green canopy leaves is beautiful! Your photos and videos really captures the lushness! I gotta visit this place again soon. Thanks for sharing!

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