Meet: Veggie Friendly Comfort Food

Our friends, Herren and Lo, were raving about a vegan spot called Meet.  CLICK HERE for more info on MEET.

They took us after a beautiful hike in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.


Meet is a veggie friendly comfort food restaurant located in Vancouver, British Colombia. There are two locations in Gastown and Main. The location we went to was located in Gastown.  All their menu items are VEGAN and GLUTEN free unless otherwise stated.

When we arrived for dinner, the place was packed!

dining area


We ordered the sweet chili cauliflower that is house beer-battered with tamarind chili-ginger glaze finished with scallions & sesame seeds.  It was super tasty! My Asian side wanted to eat it with a side of rice HAHA.

We also got the hot chiggin’ things, which is their take on buffalo chicken strips. It tasted exactly like buffalo strips and reminded me of the ones from Veggie Grill, packed with flavor!



I had my heart set on the mac and cheese since Lo was boasting about it. I trust her because she is lil Miss mac and cheese connoisseur. The mac and cheese has pasta smothered in vegan cashew cheez sauce, finished with scallions and a sprinkle of smoked salt.

You also had the option of having it with brown rice macaroni or wheat penne. I chose brown rice macaroni and added marinated Portobello mushrooms.

I have had vegan mac and cheese at other places and this one is the WINNER!  Lo was NOT lying! The cashew sauce makes all the difference, not gritty at all, very flavorful and saucy which coated up all the pasta nicely.

Looks are deceiving, I ate half the bowl and there were still plenty of leftovers for me to take back to our Airbnb.

Best Vegan Mac and Cheese


Villn got the Mountain Burger that is the Meet burger patty with a helping of chili. He got the chili on the side.  This burger comes with a bonus side of fries and salad for no extra cost! Super cool!

When it comes to vegan burgers I can be picky. If they used the Beyond Meat burger patty it could have been better. It was lacking that smokey flavor that Beyond Meet has. (Huge Beyond Meat fan)

I really enjoyed the salad, which had a refreshing house-made lemony vinaigrette.

I’m not a chili person so I honestly thought it was so so. However, Herren loved the chili and said this one was one of the best he’s ever had! So if you’re a chili lover, give it a try.

mountain burger


Of course we had to try their vegan ice cream! We ordered the vanilla coconut and salted caramel.  Lo and I both agreed the winner was the vanilla coconut because of the texture and taste.

Let’s be real, sometimes vegan ice cream can be bleh and leave you with a funky aftertaste.  But this one tasted spot on like vanilla ice cream, creamy and no funky aftertaste! YAY! That fresh mint on top was our cherry. YUMM

vegan ice cream

If you are in Vancity don’t forget to stop by MEET, they serve big tasty portions.

Special thanks to Herren for taking us, I will never forget that vegan Mac and Cheese and all others will be compared to that one.

milk the almonds

Happy Healthy Guilt-free Eating! Comment below if you feel the urge. -Val Pal

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