Raw Love: All Raw Vegan Cafe

Tulum, Mexico

March 2017

 Raw Love Cafe is an all- raw vegan café.  Raw Love Cafe is so good we went back twice!

Their motto, is “ We believe that as individuals we are learning along our different paths, but together as humanity, all paths lead to, One Love.”

Everything they make is fresh, raw, and plant-based – exactly what we needed after riding our bikes and being out on the beach all day. We followed the pathway up the stairs that led to a sandy area where we spotted the turquoise ocean in the distance.


Tropical trees and plants surrounded the cafe, making it a great place to rejuvenate after being out exploring all day.  The outdoor eating area had hammocks as chairs and a wooden swing as a bench. We chose the swing bench during our first visit and the colorful hammocks during our second visit.



During our first visit, we ordered two smoothies to quench our thirst from biking around all day under the sun. The first one was called Healthy Belly and had papaya, banana, passionfruit, ginger, and tumeric, which is good for digestion and anti-inflammatory.  The second smoothie was called Tropical Kiss which and had pineapple, banana, mango, passionfruit, papaya, ginger and lime which is alkalizing, an anti-oxidant, good for digestion, and loaded with Vitamin C. Oh, yes.




For our main dish we decided on the Zucchini Alfredo which consisted of zucchini pasta bathed in a creamy garlic “alfredo” sauce with a touch of basil pesto, sprinkled with sundried tomatoes and nuts. YUMM. I have made my own vegan alfredo, but the combination of textures and flavors of this one was pretty damn good!


The food was so bomb we came back two days later and got the Zucchini Alfredo again, along with the Maki Rolls, Cacao Latte and Shroom Latte. The Maki Rolls had fresh greens, carrots, sunflower sprouts, red bell pepper, avocado, black olives and ginger miso dressing wrapped in nori.  It was super fresh. The lattes came in a generous-sized mug. The Cacao Latte had strong cacao and dark chocolate flavor. My Shroom Latte, which was made from mushrooms, tasted very earthy and slightly sweet. I drank mine all!  Pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Overall, the winner was the Zucchini Alfredo!  We finished every last bite and decided on a raw brownie for a treat. It was moist, nutty, and the taste of cacao came through…delicious!



If you are at the Tulum hotel zone, I highly recommend eating and lounging at Raw Love Cafe.  The ambiance is fun and something you don’t want to miss!



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